Music School Session

The section dedicated to schools to promote the educational and social value of the practice of Ensemble and value the diverse artistic expressions that constitute the cultural identity and design of institutions and thus of an area. The event will take place in Pesaro at the Experimental Theatre on days 22 to 23 April 2015.

The Section is open to musical groups formed within an educational institution.
The section is divided into three categories:
Category A: school with Special Musical
Category B: musical high schools or high schools with a Project of Music Workshop
Category C: Musical Institutions ( Municipal Schools, Choirs, Bands towns, associations.)
Each category will be divided into five sections: Soloists, Duo, Trio, Chamber Music (4 to 9 items ), Orchestra / Choir (from 10 items and up).
Each institute will have to produce an application for registration by Saturday, March 28 , 2015.
For general reference should be made to the Rules of Competition.

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